Deep Creek Dunk


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With the latest cold snap and snow starting to pile up I thought about the Deep Creek Dunk. The Deep Creek Dunk has become quite a spectacle over the years and a great way to raise money for Special Olympics. As usual it will be held behind Pizzeria Uno’s. For complete details on the event the website is; WWW.DUNKMD.COM The countdown timer will help you remember. Stay tuned to this blog as well as video coverage following the event will be posted. Get your sponsors and we will see you at the 11th annual Deep Creek Dunk.

Deep Creek Lake, Garrett County Weddings. Officiant Minister

wedding n me-HDR

Aside from the limitless recreational opportunities Deep Creek Lake and Garrett County Provide. This last year I have noticed that the Deep Creek Lake area has become popular as a destination wedding area. On the shores of Deep Creek, by the rushing waters of Muddy Creek Falls, In a barn at a local B&B. This has been a great season of making special memories for new friends.

If your future plans involve a marriage (traditional, nontraditional, same sex, or elopement) or cow renewal. I would be honored to be a part of your event. Please feel free to contact me. bradley.nesline @ if I can help make your dreams come true.

Here is what people are saying.

“I would highly recommend Bradley as a wedding officiant. He is extremely professional and “down to earth. We had a destination wedding at Deek Creek Lake, MD. Our original officiant could not make our wedding ( she canceled a week prior), Bradley Saved our day by stepping up last minute and giving us an amazing ceremony. (may i add it was also on a Holiday). I truly thank him for giving us our dream ceremony.” – Brittney Dietz


SCUBA Diving At Deep Creek Lake


Still no confirmation of the BIG fish of Deep Creek Lake. This video will give a general idea of diving conditions in the lake. If you are out and about on the lake and lose something of value or need some underwater work done. Please feel free to contact me for your underwater recovery needs.

Garrett County Trapping Season


   I live in a charming OLD home. Six foot doors for my 6’4″ head and shower controls that shock with no rhyme or reason. As a Realtor I always tell my clients to call me if I can ever be of help. I have answered many odd questions. The subject of pest control rarely comes up, inspections yes, control, no. I will admit that the cooling weather has forced my outside friends in and there is a mouse in the house, or two.


I am a dog person so cats are not an option. Poisons are also out because of the dogs. Of the many traps available I am a supporter of the original design Victor Snap. You might think that you put a few traps out and problem solved. I am here to share some tips that make things easier.

First, bait I love cheese to much to waste it as bait. Peanut Butter can be licked off, and Fig Newtons just don’t work. I have had moderate success with Pop Tarts, peperoni and orange marmalade. The big winner is X & O cat food. It needs to be tied to the trigger.

Next is placement, very crucial if you like to go barefoot, I do. Along walls away from foot traffic works best. After selecting the locations and baiting the traps they need to actually be placed. BE PREPARED these things will go off at the slightest bump, it adds to the excitement.

After all is in place all that is left is to dispose of the remains. Oh yeah, one more thing, when these things go off in the quiet evening hours you may get a little startle. It is my hope that you are never faced with this problem if you are I hope this helps.



Photo Of The Week

A little nod of thanks to all those who made sure everyone else had a safe holiday weekend.

Deep Creek Lake Views Paramount Property On WISP Mountain

Savageman Triathlon 2012 Volunteers Needed

Living in all this mountain beauty it is sometimes forgotten how rugged and challenging the terrain can be. The Savageman Triathlon reminds participants in a big way. This years event will be on September 15 – 16, 2012. If your plans do not currently include participating, but you want to watch? Volunteers are needed. This is a great way to help out a great cause and get up close to the action.


WISP Season Passes On Sale Now Through September 3, 2012

There is no denying the changing of the seasons at Deep Creek Lake in Garrett County. Now is a perfect time to enjoy some savings and prepare for when the snow begins to fly. Season Passes are on sale at Wisp Resort.

Wisp Resort and the Deep Creek Lake region are encountering cooler evenings and dewier mornings which bring thoughts of Autumn and Winter.  Many Winter weather forecasts are predicting a snowier than normal 2012.2013 Winter for the East Coast!

Save 15% on 12.13 Season Passes
2 Easy Ways to Order:

~ Call 301.387.4000 ext. 0
~ In person at the Wisp Outdoors Adventure Park

*Excludes certain products.



Country Fest and Auction at Deep Creek Lake Garrett County Fairgrounds


Country Fest and Auction is held annually on the fourth Saturday of August at the Garrett County Fairgrounds in McHenry, MD from 8:00 AM until 4:30 PM.

Admissions and Parking are FREE.

If you are looking for a semi-blast from the past event Country Fest & Auction is that something to do. There will be music, food, fun and plenty of activities for the kids. Plenty of demonstrations from soap making, and chair caning to horse shoe forging and making apple cider.  A helicopter candy toss and HUGE auction. PLUS quilts galore. For more information check out their


Southern Garrett Rams High School 2012 Football Schedule

With the school year about to start and the temperatures cooling off a little, sometimes my thoughts are drifting to high school football. There are so many things to do at Deep Creek Lake and in Garrett County. High school football at either Northern Garrett or Southern Garrett High Schools are another great event.

With only two high schools in Garrett County the rivalry runs deep. Below is the schedule for the 2012 Southern Huskies varsity football season. The games are played behind the high school located east of Oakland MD.