Keysers Ridge Truck Stop Off Deep Creek Lake Dining Good Bet

This week our restaurant review is of Keysers Ridge Truck Stop.  The reviews are independently done. Based on overall appearance/cleanliness, service, food quality, and overall impression.

First of all this is an interstate truck stop that being the case expectations were low. This is a seat yourself establishment. Soon after plunking yourself down an attentive and our guess experienced waitress was on the scene. Red plastic cups, paper place mats, plastic baskets and a few burly truckers. There is a TV on the wall but we found this place better suited for people watching. The restrooms were clean enough for ladies and gentleman alike. In fact there was some disappointment expressed by the lack of grafitti.

The food was what one would expect from a diner. Most of what was ordered seemed to have been made there or at least an effort was made to spice up the restaurant service ingredients. Fast, hot, and ample portions pleased everyone and home made pies were delicious. One reviewer had stated that they had been eating here for over 25 years and the burger was exactly the same as it used to be.

If you are looking for a nice evening out or gourmet dining this is not the place. If you want consistent well prepared food dished quickly and very reasonably priced? This is a good bet. The following ratings are comparative to other like establishments.

Appearance 3   Service  5     Food Quality   4    Overall Experience 4


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These reviews are based on my 22 years in the restaurant business. They are date sensitive and I understand things change. Any follow up reviews will be linked to all posts about an establishment.

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