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This weeks restaurant review is Ledo Pizza located in the McHenry Plaza at Deep Creek Lake. Just a reminder that these reviews are based on comparisons of similar establishments. The star rankings are for the overall dining experience at each location based on reasonable expectations. They are NOT indicative of contemporary culinary trends similar to Zagat.

Tucked away in the heart of Deep Creek Lake at the McHenry plaza is Ledo Pizza. The restaurant blends so well with the other businesses in the plaza it could be easily overlooked. This is a full service restaurant complete with bar. The decor is better than one might expect from a chain pizza joint and we soon found that pizza may be the specialty but the rest of the menu items proved quite satisfying.

Immediately greeted and promptly seated we noticed the establishment was clean and comfortable. Square pizza made with fresh ingredients helped insure a good rating. The reviewers agreed that chain restaurants were not usually high on the list of places to eat when choosing for personal reasons. The entree salads are huge and the wings crispy hot and hot. The cheese steak was well stuffed and seasoned perfectly. An order of spaghetti and meat balls proved adequate but not out of this world. Friendly efficient service and very reasonable pricing along with a convenient location left the impression that this is a place not to forget when considering a quick bite in a family friendly place. A must try when deciding where to eat at Deep Creek Lake

Appearance 4  Service  5     Food Quality   4.5    Overall Experience 4.5


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These reviews are based on my 22 years in the restaurant business. They are date sensitive and I understand things change. Any follow up reviews will be linked to all posts about an establishment.

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