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hill top fish fry

This weeks restaurant review is Hilltop Inn resstaurant in Grantsville MD. Just a reminder that these reviews are based on comparisons of similar establishments. The star rankings are for the overall dining experience at each location based on reasonable expectations. They are NOT indicative of contemporary culinary trends similar to Zagat.

When a restaurant is open less than it is closed red flags come to mind. In an effort to keep readers on the pulse of Deep Creek Lake and Garrett County sometimes requires a little adventure. I think that might be the best way to describe dining at the Hill Top Inn, an adventure.

There is a bar and lounge to warm you up for the adventure again probably more of a place to see than be seen. But it gives an option.

Service was great from the time we entered to the time we left. Much credit to the waitresses. Two of them were recognized as the same ones we had last time we ate here 25 years ago. In fact it was is if time stood still all those years at this eatery. Same menu, employees, decor, flatware etc.

With restaurant veterans in the group it was clear not many were going to try the crab cakes or other menu items that may have been hanging around in coolers for questionable lengths. Friday night is fish fry. A resounding when in Rome… feeling came to mind. The fish was great, GBD we called it. (Golden Brown and Delicious) crispy, moist and flaky. The starch sides? well, did I mention the fish.

Included was the salad bar, remember adventure. After 3 visits it became clear that the policy was to put the very hot just washed salad plates at the tops of the stacks. Dive in and go for a bottom plate. Leary of a salad bar for sanitation reasons at least you can see what you are getting. The highlight was the composed salads. A mysterious mix of salads from a bygone era. We loved them even though not sure what they were at first glance, adventure.

So all in all I was surprised that a couple of months after our first visit I suggested going back. I wanted fried fish period.


Appearance 2.5     Service 4   Food Quality  3 (the fish saved)  Overall Experience  3


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These reviews are based on my 22 years in the restaurant business. They are date sensitive and I understand things change. Any follow up reviews will be linked to all posts about an establishment.

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