Hey Pizza Grantsville MD


Since listing the former Grantsville School I have been spending a good bit of time in Grantsville. It has allowed me to check out Hey Pizza.

It’s a pizza place, probably not a destination for impressing clients or first dates. If jeans, a t-shirt and  pie are your fancy, then it is definitely worth a stop. The counter is usually staffed by kids. Thankfully every time we stopped they had left the teen attitude elsewhere. The building itself is sparse, rustic, warm and comfortable. The smell of fresh baked pizza made my stomach grumble in anticipation. Pizza as a whole is definitely a food of personal preference. These are not of the gourmet variety but the toppings are adequate, cheese stringy and sauce tasty. Personally I enjoy the medium thickness crispy/chewy crust.

I admit I did not order anything but pizza. It is called Hey Pizza after all. My years of restaurant experience has taught me to stick with what seems right (No truck stop crab cakes for this guy).  If you are in the Northern part of the county and needing a quick bite I would give Hey Pizza a thumbs up.


Appearance 3     Service 4.5    Food Quality  4  Overall Experience  4

Here is what they are saying on Urbanspoon, Urban spoon rocks.
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