Where To Eat At Deep Creek Lake? Santa Fe Grille

Santa Fe Grille Restaurant

I am very grateful that Deep Creek Lake is not over run by the corporate chain food processing plants found in many other resort towns. I like my restaurant meal to be the same every time I order it. But I want some local input on what is hitting the plate. Santa Fe Grille does not exactly break the mold but it has a Deep Creek Lake comfort when dining there. The menu offers a nice selection, a little something for everyone. Trying to find something that is not from the fryer or containing cheese can be a little difficult but all in all it will satisfy the stomach grumbles.

Judging the service with an unbiased opinion is very difficult. Every time we went for research we had the same server. The service was AWESOME. It is hard to be hard on the lady who 15 years ago taught me the ropes when I was waiting tables as a summer gig. A true professional and not a beat was missed throughout the entire meal. The ribs and wings were favorites although some scraping off of the cloyingly sweet BBQ sauce was necessary. Wraps all proved to be fresh and well stuffed. The steaks a steak, nothing extraordinary. Some items with melted cheese can be a bit greasy.

The restaurant bathrooms were clean as were the tables, booths, and silverware. The decor matches the restaurant theme and blends well with a mountain resort setting. Outside dining is a big plus with views of Deep Creek Lake and the Wisp Resort. Prices seemed to be about right with maybe just a little tourist gouge thrown in.


Appearance 4    Service 4   Food Quality  2.5  Overall Experience  3


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