Where To Eat Ice Cream At Deep Creek Lake? Deep Creek Creamery aka Lakeside Creamery


If you have just enjoyed a fine meal at one of the many Deep Creek Lake restaurants or just looking for a snack, summer is the season for ice cream. Lakeside Creamery has become a local hot spot for this frozen treat. Located on Rt. 219 south of the bridge. Open 11-11 daily. Lakeside Creamery scoops up hand dipped treats of classic and modern flavor. Coffee and specialty drinks are also served.

You can not go wrong with eggs, cream and sugar. Bacon probably would make it better but I have not yet seen that flavor. I have heard complaints about the price. They weigh the cones so you truly get what you pay for. When you are finished the mouth feel of butter fat lets you know it was worth it. Lakeside Creamery also sells pre-packaged amounts to go.

The restrooms could use some attention as well as the general building. I imagine it is pretty hard to keep clean judging by the amount of smiling faces and sticky fingers that are always running around.

Service is that. You get your cone, shake or sundae. What more can you expect from someone who is dipping their hundredth something ice cream scoop of the day.


Appearance 3.5     Service 2    Food Quality  4.5 Cleanliness  3

Overall Experience  4

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