Annies Kitchen Accident Md A Place To Eat Near Deep Creek Lake?

Just a few miles away from the heart of Deep Creek Lake is the town of Accident. Never a culinary mecca, in fact pretty limited to choices for eating out. At this time there is but one restaurant Annies Kitchen. Billed as a ‘Country Kitchen’ words that conjure up thoughts of comfort food and home style. Sometimes it is better to enter a restaurant with very LOW expectations.

Dinner time and the only car in the parking lot is ours. There was no problem getting a table. The unobstructed view was nice to take in some of the chotchkies that lined the walls. As we were being seated we walked passed the evenings special, a wing buffet. Yes I am a wing snob. Walking passed foil trays of what at one time should have been crispy wings now doused with sauce and festering in the steam table made the decision to stick with the menu pretty easy. There is also a soup and salad bar inducing visions of petri dishes.

Breakfast is straight forward eggs, meat, bread and Annies Kitchen does a good job of not messing it up. Lunch basket items appeared straight off the food service truck with heat applied correctly. On this particular night when faced with the decision meatloaf seemed like a really good idea.I like gravy but felt pretty certain that it would not be home made so I opted to let the food speak for itself. A picture is worth a thousand words.Dessert offerings were plentiful and a bit above average.

Adequate service was provided, there is a delicate balance when you are the only table. A talented server with many tables can take notice of the flow of service. This attempt in an empty restaurant comes off as anything but attentive. The place is worn, not necessarily a bad thing when from over use. This worn just felt dated. The restrooms were acceptably clean and prices were inline with product.

All in all if you are stuck in Accident and looking for a place to eat I would guess everyone would point you to the dining room at Annies Kitchen. My advice would be to go early eat a hearty breakfast and fuel up for your trip out of town.


Appearance 2’5     Service 2.5    Food Quality  2 Cleanliness 2.5

Overall Experience  2

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