Dining Out @ Dutch’s At Silver Tree, Deep Creek Lake MD

Dutch’s at Silver Tree is open, it was a dry open, no GRAND OPENING, no flashy website, they just opened the doors. Good word of mouth has been spreading so I decided to check it out. Is Dutchs at Silver Tree or Duchess 2, or Dutches Daughter at deep creek lake. Is Dutch’s at Silver Tree really all that?  YES

There may not be a sign but anyone with some history of Deep Creek Lake should have at least a Silver Tree memory or two. I remember 25 or 30 years ago stopping by boat with ‘Smiley’ we picked up stuffed mushroom caps and clams casino and then proceeded to beach the boat on the original ‘Sandy Beach’ for a night of camping.

The building remains original with walls that could tell a million stories. New ownership did a great job of sprucing up the place but leaving that old Deep Creek charm. The Bank Booth is still there however the ice cream parlor is gone. The restrooms were clean and the place was almost full and filling up fast.

I went as a solo diner at 6:30 on a Friday with no reservation. Reservations are accepted and encouraged (301) 387- 0525. I could tell from the treatment at the hostess stand and my introduction to my waitress that someone had gone to some length to actually train this staff in CUSTOMER SERVICE.

Questions asked and answered about the menu. I was ready to get down to the food. The menu is straight up and pretty old school. No foams, gels, or riffs on classics. The dishes are classics. Entrees come with choice of Side or Caesar salad and everything comes with a twice baked potato and vegetable. NO specials. I hope and suspect that this might change after time. Meanwhile if you do a few things really well then just do them. Dutch’s does them well.

Cream of crab soup: silky smooth, flavorful, well seasoned, and full of crab. Debating between a crab cake and crab imperial my attuned server pointed out the combo I had overlooked. Delicious, I was somewhat disappointed that in all this crab eating I found only one small shell. Great bread was also served. After I noticed they used the old bread for croutons.  I looked around and ate some more, I realized Dutch’s at Silver Tree  knows what they are doing, this really is a good thing.

At the time of this writing I have not yet begun to review all the Deep Creek Lake restaurants. Living here for so long my expectations have really been lowered when eating out. This early in their hopefully long stay Dutch’s has covered the basics well. However nothing is perfect. I am finally going to get to nit pick. My vegetable was salty, very salty. When you just do one thing it needs to be done right. I also noticed a few servers briefly leaning. The chef in me fought the urge to yell “if there is time to lean, there is time to clean”. Old Habits die hard. At first a twice baked potato made me want to look for a lava lamp but in conjunction with the rest of the ‘Classic’ menu and the throwback feel of the space itself. I ended up really enjoying the experience. I have it on good word that the steaks and Pasta are great to and desserts are house made!!

The statistical average Garrett County family may balk at the prices. If you get what you pay for, then all is well in my opinion, and you get what you pay for.


Appearance 4.5     Service NA    Food Quality  4.5  Overall Experience  4.5


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