Pizzeria Uno A Deep Creek Lake Landmark?


Out and about and the stomach reminded my it needed a fill up. It just so happened that I was passing by Pizzeria Uno, known by most as ‘Unos’ on the shores of Deep Creek Lake. A fine place to eat. As usual when I walk through the doors I remember the endless hours I have spent working here as both a server and a cook. It should probably be noted that having worked here and my feelings for chain restaurants,  the fact I continue to eat here is a good thing.

Pizzeria Uno’s is second among the entire corporation in terms of sales volume. They produce mass quantities of food. I know I used to bang the pans.  The place has been open over 20 years and the things that are still on the menu from day one taste just like they did then. If you have read my other reviews, Pizza in my eyes is far to subjective to review. Let’s just say it is available in many varieties. The rest of the menu does a great job of providing something for everyone. The Pizzeria Uno R&D department does a fine job of designing “comfortably trendy” items.

Personal favorites are the wings (crispy by request). The Deep Creek Store is independently owned, a rarity in the Pizzeria Uno franchise, and many years ago the wings came with some really kicking extra hot sauce.

Service is above par for the area. I am not sure if new employees still have to watch a library of “Welcome to the Uno Team, Be a player…” videos. For the number of people that tromp through the doors it remains clean and fresh looking. The docks are great for grabbing a bite while cruising Deep Creek Lake. The price? having your expectations met on a consistent basis with an acceptable product is well worth it.

For the reasons above I can see why Pizzeria Unos at Deep Creek lake continues to stay open and thrive. It certainly has become a ‘go to’ spot for many locals and visitors alike. I feel pretty comfortable calling it a Deep Creek Lake Landmark.

Appearance 4   Service 4     Food Quality   4    Overall Experience 4


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