Canoe On The Run A Deep Creek Lake Landmark Restaurant?


Several recent lunch appointments have found me eating out and enjoying Canoe On The Run at Deep Creek Lake. Open for breakfast and lunch only this restaurant makes the A list for dining options at Deep Creek Lake. Located in McHenry it is a great year round location. They offer a static menu but everyone found the chalkboard specials to be the best.

Breakfast is straight up with a great assortment of fresh pastries and breads. In my opinion it is lunch time when this place shines. Some may ask how hard is it to screw up soups, salads and sandwiches? Read some of my other reviews and you will see.

Unfortunately it seems finding people passionate about a job in the food service industry is hard to come by in Garrett County, I love the concept of counter service to avoid disaster. The staff may not be the friendliest but they take and process orders in an efficient and correct manner. The atmosphere is hip by Deep Creek Lake standards the place clean and there is a great deck for alfresco dining.

When it comes to the food? Fresh quality ingredients with some creativity and great flavor combinations. This is not a grilled cheese and tomato soup place. If it was on the menu expect delicious twists and new standards.

The fact that this great dining out option at Deep Creek Lake has kept the doors open for this long is testament to the satisfying experience of eating out at Canoe On The Run.


Appearance 4.5     Service NA    Food Quality  4.5  Overall Experience  4.5

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