Jearbryos. A Deep Creek Lake Eating Out Destination?

A craving for a burger and right place right time while driving around Deep Creek Lake I stopped by Jearbryo’s. I was starved and on the run and as I was eating I thought to myself, “This is not half bad”. The menu claims that the burgers are “made fresh daily”. I interpret that to mean that fresh cuts of meat are ground and made into patties? I am not so sure that is the case but in the interest of Blogging I thought the place deserved further investigation.

Another claim on the menu is they are the “Lord of the wings”. It is at this point that things start to go downhill. I remember Jearbryos when it was an ice cream stand in a different location. Things have changed with an addition and some sprucing up of the interior. There are linen napkins on the tables, probably not the best choice if you are promoting wings. The restrooms were clean. Service was eh at best. Overheard was a problem on the bill of a nearby table. My bill also had an error.

There is a ‘soup & salad bar’ 6 soups offered variety what failed was the uniformity in flavor, namely scorch resulting from low turnover and simmering away all day. My opinion on salad bars being a breeding ground for bacteria aside. There was lettuce, cheese, a smattering of other ingredients and  unrefrigerated salad dressing. It was close to Halloween but that is downright scary. The cornbread? bland mush.  Calamari right off the food truck. And the wings rubbery but good spice. My guess is the were pre-cooked and re-heated at service. These criticisms may seem a bit harsh but at the prices charged one should expect a higher standard.


Appearance 3     Service 3    Food Quality 2  Overall Experience  2

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