Mountain State Brew Pub. Eating Around Deep Creek Lake


With three locations in the region Mountain State Brewing Company offers great craft beers. At Deep Creek Lake it also offers slope views and brick oven specialties. Located in McHenry there is plenty of seating available in the dining areas or pull up a bench along the bar. It has a casual laid back feel from the moment you walk through the door. The concrete floor made me hungry for peanuts and shells to toss about.  That was not an option but the vibe. The restroom looked like it could be hosed out and therefore was clean. If you are tall don’t look on the tops of things.

As for the food.. On the first visit it was a burrito exploration. Served with chips and salsa they were all well stuffed with good ingredients. True belly fillers. The favorite of our selection the Loaded Hillbilly.

On a follow up trip I returned solo to try a pizza. No question a wood fired oven bakes a mean pie. An open kitchen is also fun as a diner watching them make your order. As the only person in the place I was a little disappointed that it was 22 minutes until my pizza was started. I had ordered a cup of the soup of the day to tide me over. It was beef vegetable. A little light on both beef and vegetables. I understand that at most places the soup is the profitable trash can for left over ingredients, It was OK but the $7 price tag I thought a bit excessive. When the pizza, er flat bread rather did arrive, the crust was great the ingredients fresh and flavorful. At $20 probably much for a pizza but this was a flat bread.

Service was adequate usually as the only person in a place some attempt is made to engage the customer there was none. Would I go back to eat at the Mountain State Brewing Company at Deep Creek Lake? I think i would for a burrito.


Appearance 4.5     Service 2    Food Quality  4.5  Overall Experience  4.5

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These reviews are based on my 22 years in the restaurant business. They are date sensitive and I understand things change. Any follow up reviews will be linked to all posts about an establishment.

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