Deep Creek Lake MD News and Headlines

I have been pretty delinquent in my Blogging as of late. When I do post I try to focus on the good and the fun of all things Deep Creek Lake and Garrett County. I refuse to copy and paste others articles and usually stay away from the news of the moment. However in sorting through scraps and emails I have assembled a brief synopsis of just what has been happening around Deep Creek Lake lately.

In no particular order. Adventure Sports Center International ASCI defaults on loans, county to takeover. LISTEN TO MEETING HERE. (It is a large file) Schools to close. All the hoopla around the painted bears for nothing. Canopy walkway scrapped it seems over accessibility issues. (you can still climb trees) Garrett College buys building from Garrett County. Wendell Beitzel votes against gay marriage and for a tax limit on marcellus gas drilling. Thankfully the minority. There was a horrible accident at the wisp. Mountain State Brew Company catches on fire. A women ran down her boyfriend. Spring has sprung.

Now that my odds and ends pile has been cleaned up it will be back to business as usual at More fun than news.

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