Need To Move Fast? Try Deep Creek Lake MD Subway?

I am not one who usually favors chain restaurants and all that they have to offer. Thanks to a better swing in the Deep Creek Lake real estate market I was in a hurry and hungry one day. I happened to be passing by the Deep Creek Lake Subway. Located on MD Rt. 219 along the main body of the lake.

Although the ads would lead you to believe that Subway is THE place where all the olympic athletes eat it still is a franchise sub shop at heart. I will not deny that the breads are baked fresh, taste good and smell even better. The condiments and toppings were also equally above par. The meats and cheeses well there could be room for improvement but for the price are more than adequate.

The place was incredibly clean all three of my visits which were in the mud season here at Deep Creek. What really blew my mind was the service. I feel old calling people kids so lets just say they were younger employees. They were kind, courteous and amazingly fast. So good was the service and decent the sub I went back 3 straight days, These employees could take their skills and do better for themselves at other Deep Creek Lake places to eat. Managers of local places to dine could do themselves a favor and find employees like these.

All in all I was very pleased with all experiences at the Deep Creek Lake Subway. I am giving 4.5 out of 5 remembering this is not fine dining rather compared to others in the class.



Appearance 4.5     Service 5  Food Quality  4.5  Overall Experience  4.5

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These reviews are based on my 22 years in the restaurant business. They are date sensitive and I understand things change. Any follow up reviews will be linked to all posts about an establishment.

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