MD DNR Controlled Burn At Western MD 4H Center

I have decided to try my best to work from home so I can better serve my community and be available for fire and rescue calls. The other day I responded to an unknown fire at the Western MD 4h Center near Bittinger MD. It seems the MD Department Of Natural Resources had failed to follow their own advice and obtain a burn permit and notify the Garrett County 911 Center.

The fire was intentional and used to control grasses and actually prevent future fire danger. This spring is rumored to be potentially hazardous for wild land fires. Thanks to the concerns of many citizens we were on the scene and able to witness the burn.

As you can see things can get out of hand very quickly. Obviously I hope everyone is careful with potential fire hazards. Please if you are planning to have an outside burn contact the Garrett County Health Department 301-334 7760

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